VFX Artist




Art / Animation

VFX Artist

Permanent Employment - full time
Location: Skövde, Sweden - part time working from home is possible

You at Stunlock

At Stunlock you get to work in an agile environment with a focus on high quality and teamwork.

You should also be comfortable working within a multidisciplinary team, where you are expected to contribute by sharing your knowledge to achieve the highest quality possible for the project. At Stunlock we will depend on you to take responsibility over your own work and be part of planning and prioritizing with your team.

What you will do

  • Create visually stunning and impactful effects for the game world, characters and abilities.
  • Collaborate with Art Direction, Animation, SFX and Design teams.
  • Work closely with Unity and the game engine.

    What we're looking for


    • Good understanding of stylized effects.
    • Good understanding of how game characters interact with visual effects tied to character abilities.
    • Able to create stylized FX textures from scratch, matching established style, to be used in real-time game assets.
    • Solid game design awareness.
    • Experienced with 3d modeling tools such as Maya or Blender..
    • Experience with image editing tools such as Photoshop or Substance Designer..
    • Experience with 3d graphics, particle systems, physics ribbons etc.
    • Fluent in and able to communicate with a team in English.


    • Experience working in Unity.
    • Experience with Unity VFX Graph or similar workflow.
    • Experience working in the gaming industry as a VFX artist.
    • Basic understanding of animation, modeling and illustration.

    Being a Stunlocker

    It's not all about games, at Stunlock we value our employees and do what we can to make sure you feel well taken care of. We do this with benefits such as:

    • Generous contributory pension.
    • Pre-emptive Healthcare initiative.
    • Flexible work-hours.
    • Insurance package.

    Stunlock offers a fun and inclusive work environment. You can expect your co-workers to be avid game enthusiasts, ranging from hard core PvP gamers to board game lovers.